Jomael, the insightful

Talking ring


Jomael, the insightful is an intelligent ring that can talk to any character and can store up to five charges of spells for classes that can use spells within its wearer’s level. Anyone wearing this ring can act during a surprise round as long as that character wears it. During combat, as a swift action, the character can use a single charge from the ring to unleash the spell stored inside it (the spell must be appropriate for the wearer’s level).

Jomael, the insightful
Int- 18, Wis- 18, Cha- 10

Characters wearing this ring gain sense motive +5 and perception +5 to their skill as long as Jomael is interacting along with its wearer. Jomael can make any knowlegde checks the wearer doesn’t have with a +2 or assist in a knowledge check its wearer knows with a +3.


No one knows who created this ring or how, but items of its kind were once considered to be unholy because they believe a soul is trapped against its will and its wearer evil. Because of this, Jomael will remain silent whenever someone who follow the divine light like paladins or clerics unless the wearer says its okay to speak to them normally. It has traveled from owner to owner to all corners of the world and assisted many scholars with its knowledge of the past. Its last owner was an adventurer who was ambushed and killed by a swarm of undead, inadvertently becoming one.

Jomael, the insightful

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